Land Transport

Land Transport

“DA_LOGISTICA” proposes express road transport services. You can connect with our freight forwarders for an offer.


What transport services do we offer?

We propose transport services for all types shipments

  • We transport dangerous and safe goods;
  • With freeze mode and without;

Our cars are

From the biggest to the smallest

  • Big trucks – 120 m3 , articulated (coupled) trucks;
  • Middle size – 90 m3 , semitrailer (13.60m.);
  • Trucks – from 3t. To 7t. useful load;


  • Freeze;
  • Vans;
  • Canvas car;

We provide different types of transport services

  • Groupage transport;
  • Complete transport;

We work with the best transport companies that we can provide to our customers the best price and the shortest time.